Wednesday, June 23, 2010

USA wins Group

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The shawl is done!!!!!! It took almost exactly two months to finish from cast on to final blocking. The final bead count was roughly 9,500 ^_^. And, and my picture of the shawl is now featured on Ravelry, which I am sooooo very excited about.

I won't be able to gift my cousin with it until I head to my parents from my birthday next month, but I figure that gives me plenty of time to show it off to absolutely everyone I know :)

I have been in a finishing mood as of late, which I know means I need to work on projects as fast as possible before it packs its bags for greener pastures. Of course the thing I want to finish the most I don't have anymore yarn for. Thankfully I just need one more skein of Bristol in black, which is very easy to find, but now I must throw myself on the tender mercies of the post office. Move faster damn it!

I could also justify starting two other shawls, one because I'm being paid for it (not a lot but whatever) and the other because...well its new yarn and a cool pattern. Except in both cases I need a size 7 circular needle.....WHICH I DON'T HAVE! So again I am waiting for things to arrive in the mail. *sigh* I love knit picks needles and they are cheap, which is a really good thing right now, but really if it weren't for the money I would have just gone out and bought an Addi needle (stupid job, start paying regularly again *kick*). So instead I'm working on these for M:

Cross-Country Socks by Ingrid Hiddessen done in Mini Mochi Intense Rainbow.

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