Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm so very proud of myself today. Actually got up at 7 this morning to go bike riding. I will admit there were a few moments in there after I made the alarm stop yelling at me that I came really close to just going back to sleep. But instead I hauled my ass around the neighborhood for about 50 minutes. ^_^ I now have grand plans to get up early every other day and ride my bike before work....we will have to see how long I manage that for.

The sweater continues along nicely, if a little slower than I would like (this is my fault, not the sweaters). This is turning out to be a perfect easy knit for me. Not too complicated but also with just enough going on that I don't get bored. I recently made a pair of socks for a friend that had 6 inches of ribbed cuff. I thought I was going to scream. But yes, this seems to be the sweater equivalent of the Cable Rib Socks.

Friday, May 28, 2010

its always weird watching ads with the sound off

I hate swatching, I really, really do. I just want to jump right into a project and swatching feels like getting tripped up at the start of a race (not that I do any racing, since a lot of that involves runnig). So its probably a good thing that I mostly make shawls and socks. But I've decided to attempt to make an actual sweater this time so I'm going to have to suck it up and make one. I'm going to try making Primrose Path by Angela Hahn. Its pretty and lacy and doesn't appear overly constrictive which is what I hate most about a lot of sweaters. I do not want to feel like the filling of a sausage when I'm wearing one. ^_^ I'm using Mirasol's Wach'i in Bright Teal. Pretty pretty.

Of course the reason I've started a new project at all is because the bead store is currently out of the beads I need to continue the shawl I'm making for my cousin. This thing has seriously eaten my brain. I haven't worked on anything else in the last month and a half. I've got a chart and half to go and I've put 5,000 beads into it and I need another 3,500 (I did the math before going shopping this time). Yes I full recognize that many people would not consider this fun.

Taking these photos has also made it apparent that I either need a new camera or some more instruction so that the colors come out more accurately. But thats for another day, so I'm off to finish swatching.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

An intro...of sorts

Some days its just not worth gnawing through the leather straps.