Saturday, October 8, 2011

Finished my very first pair of knee high socks this week. The yarn is gorgeous and a joy to work with, the finished pattern is absolutely lovey, but by God was I glad to finally finish them :). Knit night on Thursday was spent doing the I-cord and wishing that it it would just magically go from 2" to the final 21". It isn't like I-cord takes particularly long, I've done it before! Thankfully the second sock did not give me nearly as much trouble as the first....which I frogged the toe, part of the foot, gusset, 6" of cuff, and the top multiple times. -_- And most of these problems were my own fault. So mew. Of course all of this means I'm praying to the knitting gods that they fit. My friend has MUCH thinner legs than I do so I've had to do my fitting on a large plastic cup I own. If they fit, I will hopefully be able to post some cuter pictures but here are the ones I took today before mailing them off.

Pattern Zum Dirndl by Yarnissima