Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Black Shawls of Doom

Oh happy day! I have finally finished the second Curved Shawl by Jane Sowerby that my coworker ordered for her sister. This one turned out much better than the first, what with reading the chart correctly and doing double joins all along the edge instead of singles like I did last time. The first one really did turn out fine, it just didn't look quite like it was supposed to.

Now I just have one more shawl to make for her. Thankfully I convinced her that a different pattern would be good because I think if I had to do this pattern again, I'd scream (nothing wrong with the pattern its just kinda boring after the first one and tedious after the second). Originally I was supposed to make her 1 Curved Shawl and 2 Myrtle Leaf Shawls, both from Victorian Lace Today. And instead I've done 2 Curved Shawls (the sister decided to give one to a friend and I got to make her another) and 1 Myrtle Leaf, which took forever and bored me to tears by the end of it. I'll admit, I had to rip back 10 full rows of the thing cause of my not reading the chart correctly. That sucked....a lot. So instead of the Myrtle Leaf I'm doing the North Roe Shawl by Dodlie. It has a similar leaf motif, is smaller, and does not have a picked up border *thumbs up* Its going well and is an easy pattern to memorize (this of course completely belies the fact that I had to completely rip back the first repeat of chart 1). I'm hoping to capitalize on my finishing jag and get this one done by the end of next month. And then I can work on things with color!!!!!!

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