Sunday, April 3, 2011

So apparently March = knitting slum, and I don't get it at ALL. Its March in Dallas for goodness sake, it isn't like it is all gray and cold here. Seasonal Spring Depression? *le sigh* So no, I did not get a lot of knitting done last month. With the exception of one hat, I think I finished 2 projects I had started in February. But hopefully that slump is done for awhile.

The hat is pretty, pretty. My dear dear friend T got excepted into grad school in Pittsburgh for archival studies and this weekend was her orientation. And I thought a new chapter in her life deserved a stylish new hat. Plus its Pittsburgh, it is still cold there. This also gave me an excuse to pick up some of the lovely Classic Elite Magnolia that I have been eying in the shop for months now. The pattern is a free one on Ravelry, Rylands Cabled Hat.

And yesterday I cast on a project I've been wanting to do for months. Over Christmas my cousin and I were looking at sock patterns to determine where her preferences lie (it is something so few people know about themselves and yet its very important to establish if you are a lace or cable or colorwork kind of person ^_^) So as we are browsing away, I come across this pattern by Jeannie Cartmel called Pirate Danger (Profile page, pattern at the bottom of the page and Ravelry Link) and I knew I had to do them for Melissa. But I figured I would be good and wait till I found the right yarn before starting them. And then one day I was in the yarn shop and there was this absolutely perfect Ella Rae Lace Merino (ok, I admit I always look at the Lace Merino. This will only be the 6th project I do with it. It isn't an obsession). So last night I put on some silly movies and did this:

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