Saturday, August 18, 2012

The current state of affairs:

And why yes, I am in fact taking lecture notes and working on a new knitting project at the same time.  And also doing laundry... But seriously that is only so much of an AIA contract document lecture I can stand before it all starts to blur together.  And it isn't like garter stitch actually requires mental concentration at this point.

2.5 hours down, 1.5 hours to go (and I'm totally ignoring how much I've got to do tomorrow, I figure that is for the best).  The pizza person needs to get here soon.

P.S. The pattern is Hitchhiker done in my lovely new handspun,  Will be part of Kristen's Christmas present this year.  I love it when a yarn tells you who its for and what it wants to be :P 

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