Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh I think I'm going to need a break from the spinning after this done.  I'm participating in Two if By Hand's combo spin and have finally finished spinning and plying all 6.6 oz.  Ended up with a 3-ply, a 2-ply, and a little bit of n-ply.  I think I'm going to avoid BFL for awhile, I am rather pissed at it right now.  Instead I'm going to get new braids of beautiful, squishy, easy Polwarth.

 This means I will have more knitting time....or more studying time, we shall have to see ^_^

 I did finish the shawl in time for my cousin's birthday and have started on a new pair of socks for my Mom.  The kitties are voting for TV watching or internet surfing.  Hard to pet them while spinning

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