Sunday, February 12, 2012

Too many interests

Starteritist, starteristist good god but I've got it bad. Plus I have entirely too many hobbies which means that progress on my new projects is only happening in small bursts. BUT, I have actually finished the video game I was playing (Mana Khemia, great fun) so perhaps with only the 2 choices, spinning or knitting, I will start making some progress again.

After whoring it about on my various social networks, I finally found a home for the first handspun. Dear Annie has requested a pair of gloves which is always good as it gives me a chance to try out another one of Julia Mueller patterns. This time I'm going with Eve:

I've also got pair of socks on the needles, this time using some of my dyed yarn from the White Bear Fibers dye workshop. I went with Diamonds and Cables by Wendy Johnson.

And in spinning news; with the practice I've been getting recently I felt ready to spin up the lovely roving my brother got me for Christmas. Here we have 304 yards of 2 ply Tencel 'n Merino from Bonker's Handmade Originals. This is my first time spinning with a non 100% wool fiber and I've got to say my opinion on it differed day to day, hour to hour. Moments of joy and ease followed by moments of frustration and foul language. I rather suspect the fault lies with me, but in the end I got a lovely yarn even if I'm not raring to go out and try more tencel right away. I have already picked out the sock pattern I want to make with this.

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