Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh what ever shall it be!!!! Will it be lace or fingering or dk weight? I was aiming for fingering but to be honest I'll take mostly consistent :). Will it be overspun? More than likely... But it will be yarn that I spun and I am soooooooooooooo excited to find out how it turns out. Which will be sometime tomorrow. I am going to be good and let them rest overnight. But they are pretty, my little babies.

While I have been spinning away (done at least a little every night) I haven't forgotten my knitting. This is some Madelinetosh Merino Light that Jenny claimed while I visiting in Austin. I haven't used this particular yarn before and I've got to say I really like it. Beautiful color and a nice springiness to it. The pattern is Kernel by Bonnie Sennott.

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