Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year, All! So far mine is off to a slow but not unpleasant start. Have been playing with the spinning wheel I got for Christmas and for the most part it is going well. I have discovered the joy of underspinning a fine weight which came close to making me scream when it just seemed to come apart on me. But so far I have been mostly doing ok and been able to remind my self that I was frustrated as hell learning the drop spindle and none of my first yarns on that turned out nearly as nice as what I'm getting on the wheel. I think I'm going to go get more roving today :)

The wheel in question is an Ashford Traveler which I have named Frigg. Apparently I have a thing for Norse goddesses. Weirdly enough the cats seem to have no interest at all in her. Sniffed at a bit but that is all. But really, except for cable needles, the cats have little interest in the knitting except that it interferes with petting time. Though Freya (I mentioned the Norse goddess thing, right?) has recently discovered that she is most comfortable draped across my forearms while I knit. This allows her easy access for nipping if it has been to long since I've done any petting and for the most part doesn't prevent me from working on my projects...except cables.

I'll make a post of the Christmas knitting once I get the photos back from my brother but so that this post has at least something visual in it:


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