Friday, December 23, 2011

Well I always knew it would happen someday. For the first time, a Christmas present will not arrive in time for the big day. Well I feel I should clarify that it will arrive in Dallas....right about the time I'm leaving for Des Moines -_-. Ah well, at least the person it is intended for is of an age to understand the post office not delivering things on time.

As for my Christmas knitting, it is going....mostly ok. I got all of the knitting destined for people not in Des Moines finished and mailed Monday/Tuesday. I was feeling really good at that point. All I needed to do was finish a pair of simple color work socks. I have finally gotten to start on the second sock but only after having to rip back the cuff on the first one for being too tight, and then the toe for being too short, and then the heel for being too short thus being too tight. But I still have airport time and all day tomorrow to finish so unless I run out of yarn (which is actually a possibility) I should have something to give my Aunt.

I feel like maybe I should go and pick up that "Crazy Cat Lady" action figure too.....

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