Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Spinning Update

Last night after I rolled back into town from visiting with my family I discovered this lovely package under my mailbox:

That is 10 1oz hanks of yarn of 10 different wools! Now I can play around and see what types of wool I find easier to spin than others ^_^. So far I have discovered that Jacob is VERY slippery and the brown merino is working really well. I am in fact actually spinning and drafting at the same time with the merino. *is highly proud of herself*

Last weekend was a spinning Cinco de Mayo party at the yarn store. Despite spending an entire afternoon there, I didn't get a single picture. But I had lots of fun talking about yarn and watching other people spin. I want a wheel SO badly now, I think my father will be pleased. I also went ahead and picked up my very first braid. It is "Cold Sheeping" by Two if by Hand. I wasn't having a great deal of luck with it until I tried pre-drafting it before spinning it. And then I got this:

I might actually be able to make something with this! *squee*

Today I have been running around doing errands before I had down to Austin this coming week for a Revit class. Apple has a very cool store, but I don't think it should ever be a challenge to figure out where to pay. -_- But I prevailed and now have a brand new, fully functioning connector cable so I can charge and sync Dean again :)

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