Friday, February 4, 2011

I had decided recently that instead of buying new yarn, I would finish up all of my WIPs. This would both save me money and insure that people whose gifts I've started wouldn't have to wait years before getting their happy knitted thing. It was actually all going fairly well, until yesterday, when I filed my tax return and suddenly didn't feel quite so broke. I swear I only intended to buy some different green yarn for a baby hat and somehow I came out with enough yarn to do three new projects.

Here is some lovely Spud and Chole Fine Sock for Casey that will become a neat pair of gloves

And here we have some Jitterbug for Stephanie

And finally we have some Pagewood Farms for Eileen.

I feel I should point out that none of its for me. I'm sure that makes it better...somehow ^_^

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