Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Had a really lovely girls/spring cleaning weekend. T and I meet up with my friend Steph at a fantastic Italian place for lunch followed by a visit to the Kimball to see the Salvatore Rosa exhibit. While my dad didn't think these plans were exceptionally fun sounding, I had a ball. I so rarely get to indulge in lunches where champagne is served ^_^.

As is typical of T and I, we meet up in Plano which means I got another opportunity to knit in public places. This is generally an opportunity to practice my conversational skills with completely random people. I've run into fellow knitters, genuinely curiously people, and those who seemed to use it as an excuse to half ass hit on me. This trip was remarkable in that not one person said anything. Though at least a few did stare *grin*

I keep flipping between projects at the moment but I'm hopeful that I will get Casey's gloves done in time for her to use them this winter. Of course she lives in Boston so I think I've got a few weeks.

Spud and Cloe fine sock with Io by Asa Tricosa

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