Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ahhhhhh the smell of wet wool in the morning! ...which you know, is really not my favorite smell. But I have finished ALL of my Christmas knitting! *happy dance* Now I've just got to work on all the various socks I've got on needles that I've promised to various people.
As I was getting dressed this morning I happened to pull these out of the drawer:

These are my very first pair of socks. They are gone in Opal self-stripping using Ann Norling's pattern #12. When I started these the only things I'd ever knitted were scarves (no pattern, must me playing around with knits and purls) and most of a baby blanket with cables. I'd never worked with double points. I'd never worked in the round. I'd never picked up stitches or done a decrease. But I figured it out and that joy and sense of accomplishment at finishing something that has a real, honest to God purpose, is what keeps me knitting. So yes, these socks are what took from someone who knew how to knit, to a true Knitter. ^_^

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