Friday, June 17, 2011

Doing the Lace thing

Well crud muffins! I was doing so well and now I get to have the pleasure of ripping back 2 rows. Which really wouldn't be so bad except for the little thing where there are 560 stitches to each row -_- I just really felt like there should be yarn overs in the pattern right there. *le sigh*
This is the pattern currently punishing me for paying more attention to Due South than it, Evenstar by Susan Pandorf in some lovely lace Madelinetosh Lepidoptr:

I may possible be crazy but I am trying to get it along with a pair of socks and a scarf done by the 22nd of July. I am really hoping I can manage to get down to New Orleans one more time before I move and these are all gifts for people who live there. I think it is theoretically possible....maybe...

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